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Politician Kuldeep Gurjar followed Mahatma Gandhi’s dream

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Taking forward Gandhiji’s dream, “Village development is the country’s development,” Youth State Secretary of the Congress party, Kuldeep Gurjar has started a grand campaign named Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon in June 2019. Giving a brief about the progress of the campaign, Kuldeep Gurjar said, “Till now the campaign has been implemented in more than 100 villages and is continuing to inspire the youth for rural development, due to which new enthusiasm and energy have been infused among the workers of the Congress party.

They are not only participating in this campaign in the villages but also contributing in strengthening the Congress party at the grassroots level.”

The campaign “Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon” was started by Kuldeep Gurjar in 2019, with the motive to spread awareness about the policies and customs of the Congress party and strengthen the party at the root level. He strongly believes that it is the villages where the real India can be seen. If as a leader and as a party member, he will bring some development for a better India, it will begin from the villages.

Senior regional leader of Congress party, Kuldeep Gurjar was appointed as the Youth State Secretary of the Congress party a few months back. Since the inception of his career he has been socially and politically active in Haryana’s Sohna Vidhan Sabha. With a family background of three generations, serving the Congress party, Kuldeep Gurjar is a firm believer in the ethics and working of the organisation and is always eager to connect with the people at grassroot level.

Congress youth leader Kuldeep Gurjar began the campaign with the aim of strengthening the Congress organization in Sohna assembly constituency and connecting youth, elderly and women with the party.

Talking about the “Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon” campaign, Kuldeep Gurjar said, “When I started the campaign I had taken an oath to strengthen the party organization. I open-heartedly welcomed the youth who joined the party and assured them that they will be given full respect in the party and Congress is the only party in which youth gets full respect.”

Informing about the policies, he said that Congress is the only party that takes everyone along, so support the Congress in the upcoming elections. He further added that BJP leaders are giving speeches from every platform that their party has made a lot of development in Sohna. But there is no development at the ground level.

Kuldeep Gurjar has also initiated several other programs socially and politically, to help the Congress party grow at the grassroot level and earn the trust of the public.

According to a report by the UN, the youth comprise approximately 28 percent of India’s
population. To lead such a nation, we need like-minded leaders who can connect with the
masses. Kuldeep Gurjar is one such leader who combines the enlightenment of youth and
the principles of our traditions. Kuldeep Gurjar hails from the Gurgaon district of Haryana
and has been actively involved in the political circle of the state.

Currently, he is YOUTH
SECRETARY OF THE SOHAN VIDHAN SABHA associated with the Congress Party. Since

His sheer hard work and commitment to the cause of the people make him one of the most
trusted and favored politicians in his area. He has always believed in helping the rural
population and connecting with people on ground zero.

His 2019 campaign ‘Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon’ has been an effort to connect with people by personally meeting them to
understand their problems and provide the help he can. He has been a vocal advocate of
strengthening the country by empowering individuals in their own right. Being a part of a
family that has been politically active for almost three generations, it might have been easy
for him to enter this world but he has proved his mettle time and again. 

He recognizes the efforts of the farmers and extended his support to them whenever they
are being wronged and assures them that he will always lend an ear to hear their problems.
He has openly criticized the policies that oppress their freedom and actively seeks their
betterment. His work has been result-oriented and the manifesto of his campaigns is a good

Kuldeep Gurjar has not only conducted campaigns for himself but he has also supported his
fellow party members like Ashok Chandna Ji in the Rajasthan assembly elections and
Randeep Surjriwal in Haryana’s Jind by-elections. He went door to door with his peers to ask
the people to support them in the elections, assuring them that they will deliver on their

He has never shied away from appreciating the contributions of army men for safeguarding
the nation and called the martyrs, the heritage of the country. Gurjar visited the families of
Martyrs Amar Shaheed Kanwarpal Tomar and Lansnayak Raj Singh in Sohna town and
Damdama village to pay his respect to the brave soldiers.

Gurjar has left no stone unturned to uplift the rural people and improve their lives. He
believes that the true beauty of the country can be seen through the village life and these
people deserve to lead a peaceful life that he is so diligently working hard for.

He encourages the young generation to help those around them and participate in government
welfare programs.  From mass marriage ceremonies to free water tankers, Kuldeep has
strived to do the best possible he can do for the villagers. People from over 100 villages
have benefitted from the work done under his wise and honest leadership. 

Kuldeep Gurjar has established himself not only as a trusted and competent politician who
works hard for the welfare of the people but also as a youth icon who is an inspiration to
many young people of this country.

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