May 19, 2024


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Inspiring Story Of Himanshu Singh Rajawat To Keep Fighting During Tough Times

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After seven years and three months, when I got the bail and came out of jail, everyone said that I must have been broken, I would not have as much enthusiasm and passion in me as before. But I proved everyone wrong and I went with double zeal and passion towards my police job with the intention of doing better than before and I did it too. The government gave me a posting again and I also got a promotion. I proved that bad times come in everyone’s life and at that time everyone
loses courage, after reaching a big point, the hurt of falling straight to the ground is very deep and
snatches away all your hopes from you. But friends, if bad times take away everything from you, then remember that bad times also teach you a lot. Now it is up to you whether you give up hope by surrendering to your bad times or come out with double determination after learning something
from it.

The words are from Police Inspector Himanshu Singh Rajawat, who was a suspected criminal in the Shorabuddin encounter case and had spent seven years and three months in jail despite being an inspector. Himanshu Singh Rajawat hails from a small village Bhitwara in the Pali district. His father was a teacher and it was always challenging for him to run a large family of seven members. But despite the financial difficulties, Himanshu’s father made his children capable. Himanshu Singh Rajawat wanted to join the police force from the very beginning. However, it was absolutely impossible for him to come out of his small village and fulfill his big dreams. But he accepted the challenge and he came to Udaipur. It was very difficult for him to come out of the village to study and bear the expenses of his own living and education, but he did not give up. Not only did he meet his expenses while working as a reception boy in a hotel, but he worked hard. He only had four months to prepare for the exam. During the night he worked at the hotel and in the daytime, he prepared for his written as well as physical examination along with one of his friends. His dedication and determination paid off. He cleared the exam and was appointed as a sub-inspector at Rajsamand. Even during training after selection, he showed top performance in every activity and was awarded the title of Best Outdoor.

Within no time of joining duty, Himanshu Singh Rajawat became popular among his seniors and also the local people. Everyone loved and respected him. Seeing his passion for his work, he was involved in a big mission. Out of about 150 sub-inspectors in the entire district, only 2 were selected for this mission, one of which was Himanshu Singh Rajawat. It was a matter of great pride for him and he started working diligently to make this mission a success.
The mission was to arrest the history-sheeter Shohrabuddin of Madhya Pradesh. And it was the same high-profile encounter case for which Himanshu Singh Rajawat had to go to jail for seven years and three months. While sharing his experience on Josh Talk, Himanshu Singh Rajawat tells that he had to face a lot of difficulties in jail but he never gave up. Not only did he always remain positive even in such difficult times, but he also never forgot that he is a police officer and he has to preserve the dignity of his uniform. During those seven years in jail, Himanshu Singh Rajawat also obtained his MBA degree from his distance learning and read books by many big writers to improve his English, and even he read the entire dictionary 4 to 5 times. For a police officer, whom every criminal hates and wants to take revenge, it was very challenging to spend seven years in jail among the same criminals. Despite being in such a difficult condition, he never lost his courage and finally, he got bail after seven years and three months. After coming out of jail, Himanshu Singh again joined his duty and took the responsibility of being a police officer with true dedication and sincerity. In 2018 he was also successful in proving his innocence and got a clean chit from the Sohrabuddin encounter case. Himanshu Singh Rajawat, today is also known as ‘Super Cop’ and ‘Singham of Rajasthan’ and while sharing his experience, he gives only one message to the people “Tough times come in everyone’s life. But it is up to you. You surrender to the difficulties and lose hope or after learning something from it, you stand in front of the world once again with double zeal.

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