May 23, 2024


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Transition content creator Sahil Purkait shares his journey

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Sk Giyasuddin purkait aka sahil purkait is from Kolkata and now stays in Delhi. Getting inspired by Content creator Faisal Sheikh aka Faisup7. Sahil created Tiktok A/c and gained 1 lakh followers in 6 months, however, Tiktok got banned. Then Sahil made his profile on Mx Takatak and gained 3 lakh followers in a month, then after on Moj, Josh, and Instagram, he started exploring every platform. “Out of all, Mx Takata is the best. I signed a contract with them wherein I was making 21k per month. But then even the platform got sold out. My contract got canceled and the money stopped coming in” says Sahil.

His family was not supportive in the Initial days but through collaborations on Moj, he got a One plus phone, DSLR camera, Ring light, Stand, T-shirt, and many more gifts. My family saw things flowing in and then they started to support me.

As a content creator, he did pay collaborations with Real Bazaar,, Pepsi,, Rajshree pan masala, Kingfisher, Flipkart EOSS sale, Navratna Cool, and many more.

He wants to establish himself as an actor in the entertainment Industry. His journey of becoming an actor started in his school days. As a kid, he used to take part in school drama. As he started growing up he realized he wanted to become an actor. He got a chance to work on a music album, a short film, and then for a Movie as 2nd lead. However, that movie never got released and that made him feel demotivated.

His friend was Scrolling Tiktok – social media platform, he happens to see Faisal Shaikh aka Faisu07. Sahil thought I want to do the same. That’s how Sahil has never turned back since then from content creation. What do you think about Sahil’s journey? Do share your thoughts with us at @plushnetwork.

His favorite actors are Dhanush, Shahrukh khan, Hritik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kajal Agrawal, and Prabhas.

Sk Giyasuddin purkait aka Sahil purkait from Delhi
Sk Giyasuddin purkait aka Sahil purkait from Delhi

Sahil Purkait is active on every social media platform from Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram (163k followers – Sahilpurkait_), and it’s been a month on MOJ “I have gained 9k followers so far, As I was not that active. But now I will be making content on an everyday basis” Adds Sahil.

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