April 14, 2024


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Winning hearts as a versatile talent in the entertainment world, enter Rakesh Kumar Yadav(Kajod).

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Marwadi Masti, his YouTube channel breathes 1.71 million subscribers with thousands of views on each of his videos.

Wonderful are all those stories that are created from the ground up as such individuals showcase how instead of running behind attaining overnight success, they chose to grind each day to become a more refined talent and attain success that can last longer in their industries. Even after knowing what competition a few industries can pose in front of them, some crossed boundaries to attain their highest potential and success levels to become renowned names in the same.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)
Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)

Rakesh Kumar Yadav(Kajod) did the same and thus today is known as a high-performing performer, comedian, musician, and YouTuber for all the right reasons.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav may seem to be just another guy from the neighborhood vying to make his mark in the world of entertainment and social media, but he is definitely much beyond being just that, which he has proved by the kind of love, applause, and fans he has gained through his work across niches like social media, comedy, and music.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)
Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)

Being so much at a young age and proving one’s skills and talents such phenomenally is something only a few rare gems have been able to do so far, and Rakesh Kumar Yadav is undoubtedly one among them.

Talking about his YouTube channel, Marwadi Masti, which breathes 1.71 million subscribers, already says that his channel is dedicated to Marwari content as an entertainment channel that has been created to provide people with pure entertaining videos that are relatable and incredibly hilarious, posing as the only YouTube channel for people to discover the real Rajasthan. Each of his videos and content on YouTube and other social media platforms has stood different from each other, which has gained him even more fame and followers.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)
Rakesh Kumar Yadav(kajod)

The most important thing that has kept his YouTube channel Marwadi Masti so unique from the rest is that every video has a social message behind it presented in a comedic and entertaining way. Rakesh Kumar Yadav (@kajod_70) also exudes a great passion for music, making him a versatile talent across India

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