May 23, 2024


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Nitin Pujari Helping The Needy On Children’s Day.

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Nitin Pujari of Salasar Dham, celebrated the children’s day with the poor and needy children of his city. He donated food and gifts to the poor children and also motivated the others to do charity. 

He shares his thoughts on the miserable condition of the poor and how even little children become mature earlier than their age.

Nitin Pujari says, “These small and poor children learn the hard lessons of life at a very early age and do not insist on getting anything.

Bringing smiles on the faces of these little children gives immense pleasure.” He further adds that, apart from getting inner satisfaction and peace by helping the poor and needy, seeing them smile might also make the Gods happy. 

Wishing everyone on the children’s day, NItin Pujari also adds, that childhood days are one of the most enjoyable and memorable days of our lives. But these poor children grow up too fast, fighting the evils of poverty and forget to enjoy the best days of their lives.

Nitin Pujari Helping The Needy On Children's Day.

Not having the joy of playing with toys and enjoying little happiness, these poor children are more busy thinking about earning food for the day. 

Passing a message to the society, Nitin Pujari says, “Helping the ones in need is the least that we can do as an obligation and our duty towards the society.

It is not the fault of these children that they have to face poverty and no child should be denied the basic right of food, education, shelter and most importantly happiness. If donating some chocolate or food can bring joy to the lives of these kids, we as the privileged part of the society should do our bit, unselfishly.”

Nitin Pujari

Concluding his message and wishing everyone once again “Happy CHildren’s Day” he says, “helping the needy and the poor should not be an act of charity, hoping to fill in the good deeds.

In fact it should be taken up as a social and moral duty of everyone who can afford to do it. It is not necessary to spend thousands to bring a smile to their faces, just a small gesture of love and kindness will also make them really happy. 

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