May 24, 2024


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Jaipur’s young entrepreneur Hari Soni appealed to the people of this Navratri for cow service through social media, video is going viral

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He has appealed on social media to contribute towards saving the cows instead of wasting money on Navratri pandals.

There are some people who focus only on running towards their set goals and aspirations in life and thus focus all their energy on that, and then there are others who think beyond all these and more To work towards the greater good, think over the limit. of people and society. This positive mental attitude and a kind spirit have taken some people to where they stand today in communities around the world.

Over the years some rare gems have been making a major name for themselves and earning massive respect from people for the kind of kind acts they are doing. This time, we saw how Hari Soni, Director, KKHS Media Pvt Ltd did the same and won hearts.

A video of him is going viral on social media, in which he is appealing to the people to come forward and together to save our “mothers”, the cows in India, who are currently suffering from a certain disease. who is taking them. lives. Hari Soni, a well-known entrepreneur from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, cannot stress enough how important it is for people to realize that their presence, effort, and presence in “gaushalas” (gaushalas) in India are compared to Garba nights. More money is needed. Various Navratri Pandals

For this, he said in his video, “This year Navratri should be done in a pandal, not in a cowshed.” help.”

Hari Soni
Hari Soni

He also said about Gaushalas in India that today there is a lack of right kind of resources, equipments and funds to save the lives of these cows, and hence people should do their bit to help them overcome this health crisis. .

Hari Soni also tells how every human being needs cow’s milk since childhood, and now the time has come to repay the debt of milk, therefore, all of you are requested to spend your time and resources in Gaushalas. Appeal so that more people can be inspired.

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